Theta Kappa Chapter at Northern Arizona University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Haley Keck


  • Duties: Being the face and voice of the chapter, overseeing all council member duties, and much more.
  • Major: Public Health
  • Hometown: Glendale, AZ
  • In her free time: Go to the lake, hanging out with friends, family, and sisters.
  • Email:

Jade Snyder

Vice President of Public Relations

  • Duties: Maintaining the chapters public image including monitoring social media, merchandising, alumni relations, the Confidence Coalition and more
  • Major: Secondary English Education
  • Minor: Photography
  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • In Her Free Time: Reading and writing, hiking and exploring the great outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.
  • Favorite Part of KD: Finding her little
  • Email:

Tahlese Wright

Vice President of Finance

  • Duties: Construction of the budget, billing of members, and organizing of raised funds.
  • Major: Finance and Spanish
  • Minor: Investment
  • Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
  • In Her Free Time: Being involved with Camp Kesem at NAU, volunteering with children, hanging out with sisters, shopping, and exploring Flagstaff
  • Favorite Part of KD: Finding a group of girls that lifts her up when she's down, and never fail to make her laugh.
  • Email:

Hailey Alter

Vice President of Member Education

  • Duties: Educates new members, organizes bid day, and holds educational workshops.
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences
  • Minor: Chemistry and Psychology
  • Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
  • In Her Free Time: Working out, tutoring students at NAU, watching surgical videos and sappy movies, and spontaneous coffee/food dates with my friends and sisters!
  • Favorite Part of KD: Knowing that she will always have a hand to pick her up when she falls or push her when she need some extra motivation. Having sisters sometimes believe in her more than she believes in herself is the reason she can confidently call her self a future
  • Email:

Kirsten Shiner

Vice President of Membership

  • Duties: Organizing primary fall recruitment & membership throughout the year, planning sisterhood events, ensuring the strength and bond of our sisterhood, & more.
  • Major: Public Health
  • Minor: Biology
  • Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
  • In Her Free Time: Finding new things to do, exploring, shopping, making fun memories, going to the lake, ocean/ beach, river, etc
  • Favorite Part of KD: being actively busy & involved in something bigger than herself, her diverse friends & of course her sorority family who is ALWAYS there for her
  • Email:

Christina Carlise

Panhellenic Delegate

  • Duties: Communication with other Panhellenic chapters as well as chapters under the Intrafraternal Council and United Greek Council
  • Major: Public Relations
  • Minor: Tourism/Leisure Planning
  • Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
  • In Her Free Time: Doing yoga, running, traveling, going to concerts, spending time with family/friends and sisters!
  • Favorite Part of KD: She loves always having sisters to spend time with, especially her little!
  • Email:

Hannah Hibbs


  • Duties: Attendance at mandatory events, meting minutes, and much more.
  • Major: Secondary Education Mathematics
  • Hometown: Queen Creek, AZ
  • In Her Free Time: Swimming, hanging out with friends, going to the movies and the gym.
  • Favorite Part of KD: Late night Derby Days practices with sisters

Emily Rytting

Vice President of Operations

  • Duties: Overseeing and reaching chapter excellence goals, academic and leadership accomplishments, and other organizational tasks.
  • Major: Secondary Education English
  • Hometown: Lakewood, CA
  • In Her Free Time: Hanging out with sisters, going to the beach, reading a good book, and being around family.
  • Favorite Part of KD: The loving, uplifting family environment it brings. She has become involved, hardworking, dedicated, and passionate, due to the support of her sisters. They never fail to push her to become the most honorable woman that she can be.
  • Email:

Kylie Dvorak

Vice President of Community Service

  • Duties: Oversees and organizes community service among the chapter, girl scout events and the annual shamrock philanthropy event.
  • Major: Social Work
  • Minor: Sociology
  • Hometown: Temecula, CA
  • In Her Free Time: Having a diverse group of women that I can count on for anything and everything!
  • Favorite Part of KD: Getting to know all of the amazing women in our chapter and forming life long friendships, a home away from home.
  • Email:

Stacy Charron

Vice President of Standards

  • Duties: Organization of internal and external social events and the upholding of chapter standards.
  • Major: Sociology
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
  • In Her Free Time: Going to the beach, riding horses, and hanging with friends and sisters.
  • Favorite Part of KD: Having a diverse group of women that I can count on for anything and everything!
  • Email:
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