Theta Kappa Chapter at Northern Arizona University

Kappa Delta

Our Chapter

The Theta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Delta was founded on March 8, 2015, with the intentions to uphold and live by the values that every other collegian chapter successfully does. In just a few short years, our chapter size has immensely grown to 192 active members and we plan to continue to grow over these next few years. Members of our chapter have come from places such as Australia, Germany, and even Dubai to join the unique sisterhood our chapter has to offer. The Theta Kappa chapter has only been on NAU’s campus for a few short years but we are already making an impact in the Greek community. We have participated in numerous philanthropy events, successfully won multiple intermural championships, increased our overall chapter GPA each semester, had roughly 50 seniors enter the alumni circle, won awards such as most sustainable chapter of the year, and even completed the most community service hours out of all other Greek organizations in the 2016 school year. Our chapter is continually looking to expand our sisterhood and to grow towards a greater and better Kappa Delta.