Theta Kappa Chapter at Northern Arizona University

Kappa Delta

New Member Process

As an organization that prides itself on the promotion of confidence in women everywhere, Kappa Delta stands firm in its zero-tolerance hazing policy. Theta Kappa is no exception to this. From the earliest stages of our new member program through the remainder of a woman’s collegiate experience in our chapter we strive to promote and build up each individual in every way possible. Any activity, whether consented to or not, that has the potential to mentally, emotionally, or physically harm a member is not allowed within our sisterhood.

Our new member program is a new member centered program that immerses them in sisterhood, social events, and academic accountability. Our new members are grouped into groups of 5-8 girls and assigned a SET, or sisterhood enrichment team leader. their SET leader is their main contact during those first few weeks within our sisterhood. they are their temporary big till they get their actual big. Our seven-week program entails once a week mandatory meetings. The meetings cover various topics ranging from our national history to ways to ensure you remain safe on campus. Outside of mandatory meetings our new members will likely have various social opportunities weather it is with one sister on a sister date or a social with other chapters in the Greek community. Our seven-week new member program is the first chapter of every Kappa Deltas' journey, and like any other social engagement, you are bound to get out of the experience the equitable amount of effort you put into it.